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Here you can find over 150 reviews of bestselling hoolie-lit-genre books in Britain... Including our own- JRF- Beyond the Hatred and Top Fasec BG (OSTL).

Meet the most notorious football mobs in the 70's, 80's, 90's and nowadays. The hardcore of music, hooligans, bare-knuckle fighters, gangsters and even sport legends.

All we can say to potential buyers and  those who might have some interest in football, sport, music and casual culture... These books are must read! The stories recount how the working-class fascination crystallised in often bitter rivalries between the hooligan gangs and how their culture spread across the terraces, and beyond.

In those brief reviews (available to download as pdf files down below) we gave our honest opinion and we can say some of these books are stunning reads and masterpieces in the genre... Others not really, but we'd like this literature to be available for every football supporter in our country and abroad... Whether he is a hooligan or an 'ordinary fan'.

Also you can find some articles (bulgarian newspaper clippings) about us (the authors) available to download as pdf files from the documents list below. 


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