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                            "Top Faces BG"


                         'Old School Terrace Legends'


Tosh McIntosh and his co-author Gilly Black launched their second mutual project in hoolie literature genre, a book titled Top Faces BG – 'Old School Terrace Legends' (stories of the most notorious bulgarian football hooligan firms during late 70's, 80’s, 90’s and the early years of the new millennium).

The book was released in Bulgaria and in England too.  Now the authors planning to make it available across Europe and World Wide by translating it in another two languages (Dutch & Deutsch). 

A quite different look at the football fandom in his germ.

Written by football supporters for other fans, the book meets you in a particularly fascinating way with representatives of the most notorious firms in Bulgaria. With this great project, you get a chance to read the stories of fans of several generations who, while opposing each other, are actually driven by the same feeling - love for their respective football club and country.

At the beginning, the book tracks the subcultures that has formed the fan cores in the past, such as punk rock, skinhead and heavy metal, as well as fashion and social life at the time. These cores were mainly created by the working class people with clearly noticeable clothing and style. It was blues and jazz in the beginning, but rock and roll took his toll and become the real revolution in music. Emerged a little later this style in music was the vent for all negative emotions, stressful situations, problems and was kind of meant to fight the Communist regime.

The book provides a meeting with some of the most prominent representatives of those cores. They tell stories that are still taboo topic in our society as a whole. All of them are long-standing personalities, different by spirit and nature. They participated in the subcultural wave in our country (musical and fashion movements), in rallies and demos against the hateful communist regime and after its end. Different by music style (hippies, metal heads, punks, skinheads), but all from the working class, they join together as one and moved on the terraces.

Told from inside are football related fights and battles in different cities. There are some stories about emblematic hardcore football fans who tell where the roots are and where it all comes from.


top-faces-bg-ostl-eng-limited edition-official-double-cover
top-faces-bg-ostl-eng-limited edition-official-double-cover
top-faces-bg-ahl-eng-special edition-official-double-cover
top-faces-bg-ahl-eng-special edition-official-double-cover
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